Festhalle Besucher

Your visit to Festhalle Messe Frankfurt

Interested in going to a concert or other event in the Festhalle? If so, you can find valuable tips and information about planning your visit here.

Our tips for getting to events quickly and easily

  • Please be sure to arrive early as security checks can result in longer waiting times.
  • We recommend using public transport when visiting an event in the Festhalle. Park + Ride parking spaces can be found here:
  • Please note which entrance is open for your event. You will find this information directly on the relevant event website: To the event calendar
  • The “City Entrance” can be seen directly from the tram and underground station. The “Festhalle South (Süd)” entrance is located on Brüsseler Strasse, directly opposite the Skyline Plaza shopping centre. Coming from the tram and underground station, you should head in the direction of Skyline Plaza/Kap Europa and take a right before you reach them. To illustrate this, please click on this plan.

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Important information on admission

Security check
  • For security reasons, please do not bring rucksacks or large bags (larger than A4 size). In the case of many concerts, these will be confiscated by security prior to admission and only returned after the concert.
  • Please bring your original ticket or a hard copy of your ticket with you. 
  • Please do not bring cameras to the concert. It is not permitted to take photographs or record videos during concerts. However, access security generally permits mobile phones. Some artists find the constant camera flashes very annoying and therefore prohibit photography completely.
  • It is not always made known whether there is a support act or a supporting programme at concerts in the Festhalle and, if so, which support act this is. However, it is always worth taking another look at our event calendar beforehand to see if the organiser has posted more details.

The Festhalle venue

food stand
  • Please do not take any food or drink with you into the Festhalle. There is a variety of food stands where you can buy a wide range of drinks and snacks. An exception is made for food brought for babies and toddlers and for guests with a medical certificate or identification regarding special dietary requirements.
  • There are supervised cloakrooms for your personal belongings in the foyer of the Festhalle and in the Tier 1 and 2 areas. A fee of EUR 2.00 is charged for this. There are no lockers in the Festhalle.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the Festhalle.
  • If you have lost personal items, please contact our Lost and Found by e-mail ( or telephone (+49 69 75 75 14 48).



In principle, whether minors may or may not attend concerts alone is a matter for their parents to decide. The age limits imposed by Germany's Protection of Young Persons Act (Jugendschutzgesetz) on events involving dancing do not apply to concerts or other events.

Please note that the organizer or the City of Frankfurt may impose certain conditions if the event is thought to pose a threat to the physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing of children or young people. Age or time restrictions, for example, or an alcohol ban might be imposed for the concert or show in question.

If you are uncertain, please contact the organizers directly. You will find their contact details by clicking on the event in question in our event calendar.

Mobility-impaired visitors and visitors with disabled parking passes

A limited number of spaces are available for wheelchair users at concerts and shows in the Festhalle; these are on a reserved podium in the interior. The Tier 1 and 2 areas are not wheelchair-accessible and there is no lift.

Tickets for the disabled podium in the Festhalle can be obtained from Ticket Plus. Regulations for admission and information about the number of disabled parking spaces are available from the organiser. You can find contact details under the relevant events in our event calendar.

Tips for travelling to Messe Frankfurt can be found here.

Sanitation facilities

Two sanitation facilities for the disabled are available on Level 0 of the Festhalle. All of the sanitation facilities for the disabled have been equipped with European disabled toilet locks.

If you do not have a European disabled toilet key, our hall personnel will be happy to unlock the WC for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact our information hotline for people with disabilities:

Phone: +49 69 75 75 69 99

Box office/collection point

Box office

As a rule, the box office/collection point opens on event days 90 minutes before the event begins. Depending on which entrance is being used, the box office/collection point is found either at the City Entrance or in front of the Festhalle South Entrance on Brüsseler Strasse.

Please see the relevant event page in the event calendar to see which entrance is being used.